Calendar on a rhombic dodecahedron

Several years ago I created a webpage that gave instructions for building a calendar on a rhombic dodecahedron. That calendar was made using 12 origami units that fit together in a "tongue in groove" manner. After a year's worth of handling in the Math department office it was somewhat the worse for wear -- I decided to look for another construction scheme that would be more durable.

On the net I found a page by H. B. Meyer describing a way of building polyhedra models by plaiting (a.k.a. braiding) paper strips together. While the plaited version of the rhombic dodecahedron uses much less paper (one sheet of legal size as opposed to six sheets of letter paper) than the origami version, it nevertheless seems to be much sturdier.

The calendar is formed by plaiting four paper strips together. A new template is available for 2020.

Detailed instructions are here.

Have fun!